I believe that you need a class II license to drive a class I tractor unit without a trailer on the road. You can obviously do what you want on private land. You can obviously do what you want on private.Tractor unit is C+E (class 1). If the 5th wheel is removed or locked then it was possible to drive on a C (class 2) licence as long as you had a valid reason for doing so. Regardless of vehicle weight, it is based on the gross weight.Anyway, can you legally drive a 44T tractor unit on a class two licence if you drive it without any sort of trailer? i.e. takng it for fuel runs or down to the garage etc. I suspect the answer.Feb 14, 2018 The three new tractor units will patrol motorways and main trunk roads, two extra unmarked HGV cabs to continue to target dangerous driving .This licence category will allow you to drive a 7.5 tonne vehicle towing a trailer that exceeds 750kgs. If you passed your car driving test prior to January 1997 then you will have gained a C1+E licence but this will be restricted to trailers not weighing more than 750kgs (Total train weight of vehicle and trailer can not exceed 8250kgs).Can a driver who has a class 2 rigid licence drive just the tractor unit of an articulated lorry? Going back to the original question - I double checked with the driving examiners who confirmed that with the laws as they stand today you have to have a Class 1 (Cat C + E) to drive a tractory unit - with or without the fifth wheel in place.

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mrpj wrote:Yes, a class C licence holder can drive a solo tractor unit. and he can pull a Trailer till 750kg indeed you can, but it wouldnt be a very big trailer and would be so small the fith wheel couldnt.You can drive a unit without a trailer on a class 2 our company shunts units between depots with class 2 drivers and vosa together with dvla verified this as legal Dieseldog · 1 decade.Feb 14, 2006 Just a quick question to you all who are better in the know than me. Can a driver who has a class 2 rigid licence drive just the tractor.I know that with imported US tractor units you can drive them on a normal pre 1997 drivers licence if they are plated to a MGVW of 7500kg, I think you have to have the most have the 5th wheel.Vehicles you can drive Check if you’re old enough, or have the right kind of driving licence, to drive different kinds of vehicle. Start now. Part of Learn to drive.2 3 Goods vehicles that can be driven with a full category B licence If you hold a full category B driving licence you can drive any of the following large vehicles, known as ‘exempted’.

This determines the type of driving licence you need to drive LGVs. industrial tractors (tractors used mainly for haulage work off the public road, the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) can't give legal advice on how vehicles.Check if you're old enough, or have the right kind of driving licence, to drive different kinds of vehicle."A tractor unit being used without a semi-trailer attached can be driven by a Whether you are driving PLG / HGV with an O licence / Recovery .A tractor unit is a characteristically heavy-duty towing engine that provides motive power for hauling a towed or trailered load. These fall into two categories: heavy and medium duty military and commercial rear-wheel drive "semi tractors" used for hauling semi-trailers, A tractor unit can have many axles depending on axle load legislation.We sometimes require drivers to drop solo tractor units at a contractor's garage, which is Are we right in assuming that we can use drivers with licence Category C, as I understand that, with Category C, drivers are entitled to drive rigid vehicles of any size in order to carry Advancements in technology for HGV operators.For more information go to Page 2. 2. Contents. Information leaflets 2. Goods vehicles that can be driven with a full car (category B) licence. Industrial tractors (tractors used mainly for haulage work driving a vehicle of a class included in sub-category D1. 3) Having .

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