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Video: Bus driver assaults teenager. And if that was your father or granddad and a some random chick came up disrespecting him on his job, spitting, and hitting him, do you think you would feel the same? are physically stronger than women right?, If a woman hits a man first he has other options besides stricking back. My brothers.The bus driver grabs the man's jacket and drags him out the front door of the vehicle, leaving him on the side of the road. "I put him off the bus," he tells his supervisor over the radio.Destroyed Him: Bus Driver Knocks Out Racist White Man For Calling Him The N-Word Spitting In His Face! 409,120 views. Dude Knocks A Woman Out For Smacking Him! 511,117 views.The handcuffed man blatantly laughs as he spits at the officer who repeatedly warned him he was being recorded on her body camera. Shocking video shows vile thug laughing as he spits at police woman 24 times while lying in ambulance Imagine THIS is Your Bus Driver. YIKES! This Phone Thief is One Sneaky Mudda Fugga.Bus driver gets standing ovation for throwing abusive passenger off bus. grabs the bloke by the shoulders and drags him from the bus exclaiming ‘I don’t take no shit from you!’.The out-of-control bus hits a car and smashes into the side of the bridge the woman hit the driver on the head with her mobile phone. Sectarianism Orange walk bigot jailed for spitting.

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  1. Kid hits his bus driver and gets arrested (gets in a fight with another kid and much more by Bubba Playz on 2018-03-08 In Video Logan today got almost arrested gets kicked off bus fights with another student.Video: Watch shocking moment bus driver beats up a passenger who spat in his face Echols pounded McKinney for spitting in his face Marriage Husband who accidentally texted other woman.You are here: Home / 2013 Daily News / Whatever Happened to the Cleveland Bus Driver who delivered that Uppercut? Whatever Happened to the Cleveland Bus Driver who delivered that Uppercut? January 11, 2013 By mrDaveyd. Cleveland Bus driver Artis Hughes.Posts about Cleveland Bus Driver Hits Girl written by MG. Home; Like Happens; Like Happens. where the bus driver uppercuts a woman has been played and replayed in all of it’s entertainment value glory. What has been lost in all of this is the discussion. Without passing judgement on the bus rider for spitting and hitting.Please include a link to the original reddit submission in your report or modmail if you have it. but spitting on a bus driver is probably still a felony, wherever this is. The bus driver probably saved this asshole a felony arrest by just tossing him off the bus. The 26-year-old woman who was punched by an RTA bus driver after arguing.Paul Campbell in court after spitting at and slapping Huddersfield bus driver when he wanted to get off. Batley TBC owner hits back at claims club is unsafe after soldier injured in hit-and-run outside The club is in Bradford Road, Patrols have been stepped up after a woman claims she was dragged from her home and held at knifepoint.

  2. The Cleveland bus driver who punched a woman in the chin has been suspended from his job. Artis Hughes, an employee of the Cleveland Regional Transit Authority was disciplined after he upper 27 thoughts on “ Cleveland Bus Driver Suspended for Punching Woman ” vonjohnski on October 18, a 25 yr old woman spitting.Crazy Lady On The Bus In LA Arguing With A Man For Speaking Tongues! "You Can Call Me The Devil" Man Hits A Woman In The Head With A Bottle For Spitting On Him In A Store! 310,331 views. Destroyed Him: Bus Driver Knocks Out Racist White Man For Calling Him The N-Word Spitting In His Face! 383,924 views.Bus Driver uppercut Discussion in 'News Current Events' started by "Never hit a woman, unless she hits you first(and you have witnesses)." while we were drivin' down the highway, doin' say, 90km/h, the guy reaches his arm across the driver and starts choking him. The bus was driving in the centre lane (though a big thick cement.Jul 30, 2013 The 26-year-old woman who was punched by an RTA bus driver to police differ on whether she then touched and spit on him, but she did .Police officer brutally hits woman in front of daughter in shock video. Witnesses asked to come forward by ACT Police following bus driver assault. In footage too harrowing to show, the cop then says: "You go spitting on somebody, you deserve to have your a** kicked.Driver told cops he hit woman after she spit on him. Tweet; the driver said he stopped the bus, "and I protected myself." After spitting on Hughes, the witness wrote in a statement.

  3. North Dakota oil production hits new record; Bus driver doesn't regret punching man who spat at him and called him n-word. He was just fired. if it wasn't for the man spitting.An infuriated straphanger restrained himself when a foul-mouthed woman showered him with obscenities and saliva aboard a subway train in the Bronx. MIAMI WOMAN THROWS FIT WHEN UBER DRIVER.A partial list of attacks on transit drivers across Canada. after spitting on, fighting with Winnipeg bus pay the .50 fare hits the driver repeatedly, drags him off the bus and stomps.Milwaukee, WI -- A Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver is fired after video surfaces on Facebook showing him punching a passenger in the street.It wasn't just fists flying, but words.MBTA bus driver suspended after fight with passenger “Transit Police are working to identify the woman who assaulted the bus operator,” Pesaturo said. Lormin said he was wrongly.It shows the drunken lout, in a grey hoodie, boarding the bus and lurching over to the driver's seat and spitting at him. He slurred 'There's a bit of DNA all over your face' before trying.

They then spat at the driver’s window and her partner left the bus but she stayed on it as she was busy spitting into the driver’s cab. Determined: The woman rips open the doors of the bus so she can pursue her boyfriend ‘Then she started screaming to be let off the bus and did that. It was scary at the time but funny looking.A bus driver who punched an unruly passenger on his bus has been sentenced to three days in jail and fined ,000. Artis Hughes has also been fired from the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit.Pensioner knocked to the ground after 'spitting in wheelchair user's face' during furious bus row. A fight broke out after a man in a wheelchair apparently intervened when the elderly woman.Woman Hit By Cleveland Bus Driver Talks to TJMS. Because you look at the video he gets up out of his seat and comes to you and then that’s when he just hits you. And he says, if you want to act like a man he’s going to treat you like a man. I For One Do Not Believe This Sister Walked On The Bus Ans Started Cussing Or Spitting.Find Bus Drivers Latest News, Videos Pictures on Bus Drivers and see latest updates, news, information from NDTV.COM. Explore more on Bus Drivers. Panic On Bus, Driver Hits Reverse.Jul 16, 2013 A bus driver who punched an unruly passenger on his bus has been Lane, 26, grabbed Hughes, 59, and spit on him, according to Hughes.

The woman approaches the bus driver, and the driver rises from his seat and hits the young woman before throwing her off the bus. "She want to be a man, I'm gonna treat you like a man," the this the same woman? has the same name as is quoted in the news articles.and the dates seem to match.RTA Cleveland bus driver treats woman "properly" by TheAmwayCult on 2012-10-13 In Video. Here's just a newer version of how an RTA bus driver treats a person after yelling at him, spitting on him and then hitting him. (Got some slw motion for a few of Road rage Motorcyclist VS. Bus Driver.Whoopi Goldberg on woman's spitting and assault of Cleveland bus driver: "Women have this idea that you can hit and punch on a man and it's ok and he's not going to hit you back. Those days are gone".Jewish Woman Beaten On Jerusalem Bus For Refusing To Move To Rear Seat She was badly beaten and her whole body sustained hits and kicks. She tried to fight back and no one would help her. I tried to help, but someone was stopping me from getting up. the bus driver denied that Shear was physically attacked.Bus Driver Knocks Out Racist White Man For Calling Him The N-Word Spitting.

The woman said the driver, who was off duty, hit her "Frank Thomas"-style on her legs with a bat. CTA Bus Driver Hit Woman With Bat In Traffic Dispute, Police Say and hits a woman.Aug 10, 2018 In his years of working as a bus driver in West Palm Beach, Florida, Black bus driver who punched man for spitting at him and calling him the n-word is fired stops the bus, walks towards the passenger and repeatedly strikes the White man arrested after 3-minute expletive-filled rant at black woman.84 Seattle Bus Driver Beats Up Passenger After Getting Spat On King County Metro bus driver Dennis Echols, 61, was fired from his job after he beat up 23-year old passenger Ethan McKinney for spitting.A DTC bus driver was crushed to death by a speeding bus after he got off his vehicle to set the rear view mirror in position at the Anand Vihar bus terminal, the police said Monday.Jan 11, 2013 Cleveland Bus driver Artis Hughes Whatever happened to Cleveland Hughes punching Lane) Lane spit in his face and punched HIM in the face. I don't condone violence or hitting women but if a woman becomes a threat .Make me think of the Cleveland bus driver who uppercut a woman for spitting, hitting and cussing him.


The Greatest Hits One More Time. Spit on a Bus Driver and You’re Really Just Doing Him a Favor by Jen Doll. May 24, 2010 which means a bus driver can totally work the system.Analysis of Bus Driver Punching Woman I'm speaking of Ohio in particular. This happened in Cleveland. If a woman hits a man, he does not have the right to hit her back. You would think so. he sets up the situation and tells in one sentence what she did to him in grabbing his throat and spitting.The car driver is accused of spitting in the furious bus driver's face Teresa Giudice hits the town in NYC hand-in-hand with a male friend. just days after night out in Miami with rumored.The Lost star was detained by police there for allegedly assaulting a female driver of a party bus. according to TMZ, and when the woman, who has been identified as Heather Bormann, tried to stop him, he allegedly punched her. View photos. Matt Damon hits the beach in Byron.A passenger who caught the wrong bus by mistake was caught on camera racially abusing the driver before spitting on him. People can be heard telling the swinging woman to 'relax' as she repeated hits the man while he attempts to defend himself. This woman hit the bus driver, knocking off his sunglasses in the process. Photo: 7 News.On July 20, 2011, a woman boarded a TTC bus near Downsview Station. The woman became involved in a fare dispute. During the dispute, the woman yelled racial slurs at the bus driver, pepper sprayed him as well as three TTC customers who came to help the employee.